Conagra Science Institute – Nutrition Resources for Health Professionals

Client Counseling Resources

Healthy lifestyle choices begin with education–on portion control, sensible snacking, cooking tips and more. Our brochures, from 'Simple Tips for Eating Well' to 'Eating Right–Sized Portions,' can help guide your clients to making sensible food choices.

Client Resources handouts

Helpful brochures and handouts on portion control and sensible snacking, plus cooking tips to help your clients make sensible food choices.

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science of choices fact sheet

An archive of action-oriented fact sheets for clients—on topics from power lunches to family meals—originally published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine.

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What Food Labels Tell Us

Food labels are helpful resources in client counseling. This health professional resource offers single-page visuals of select Conagra Brands labels.

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home food safety

Downloadable resources to help your clients take simple steps toward changing their diets.

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interactive tools

From deciphering food labels to calculating a Body Mass Index (BMI), we've got tools you can use to help your clients make simple changes and healthier choices.

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