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Discover a complete guide to healthier living with recipe makeovers, dietitian-selected recipes, portion-control recommendations, and ingredient substitutions.

Recipe Makeovers

These recipe makeovers, conducted in the Conagra Brands test kitchens, show the "before" and the flavorful "after" results of implementing healthful cooking techniques and ingredient changes.

You can use these recipes to guide client discussions about appetizing ways to reduce fat, cholesterol, and calories while preserving the taste and texture of the original recipes.

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Recipe Collections

Our variety of healthier recipes can help you and your clients control carbohydrates, lower calories, and maintain a healthy heart. Each recipe has been reviewed and approved by the Conagra Brands nutrition experts to ensure it meets our specific health criteria. See some of our most popular recipes on the ReadySetEat™ Healthier Quick Meals board on Pinterest.

Carbohydrate Control Recipes

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Calorie Control Recipes

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Heart Healthy Recipes

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Conagra Brands Dietitian-Selected Recipes

Conagra Brands registered dietitians selected these recipes based on specific nutrition criteria. These criteria were developed by the Conagra Brands dietitians and nutritionists and are based on various authoritative and regulatory sources, including the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 and authoritative statements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The dietitian-selected recipes are initially reviewed to ensure that they meet the following nutrition criteria per serving:

Entrée recipes per serving:

  • 500 calories or fewer
  • ≤ 35% calories from fat
  • ≤ 10% calories from saturated fat
  • ≤ 90 mg cholesterol
  • ≤ 720 mg sodium

Complete meal (entrée plus side dish) recipes per serving:

  • 670 calories or fewer
  • ≤ 35% calories from fat
  • ≤ 10% calories from saturated fat
  • ≤ 120 mg cholesterol
  • ≤ 960 mg sodium

The recipes in the Calorie Control, Carbohydrate Control, and Heart Healthy Collections meet additional nutrition parameters:

Calorie Control (Low Calorie)

  • 120 calories or fewer per 100 grams

Carbohydrate Control

  • 15 grams of carbohydrates or fewer per serving

Heart Healthy

  • Fat: ≤ 3 grams/100 grams of food
  • Saturated fat: 1 gram/100 grams of food
  • Cholesterol: ≤ 90 mg cholesterol/serving
  • Sodium: ≤ 600 mg sodium/serving
  • 10% DV of two nutrients (protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron)

These recipes also meet the taste-appeal factor desired by Conagra Brands registered dietitians and consumers. Created by the Conagra Brands chefs and culinary experts, these recipes are a helpful resource when counseling clients about small changes. These criteria are very similar to the guidelines Conagra Brands uses for developing recipes for its many convenient meal items.